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Your Lighthouse Journey

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We provide each of our clients with a personalized journey navigator consultant who helps them through a complete child protection journey that includes training, research, and policy development. Our main objective is to offer comprehensive child protection support that is informed by evidence and suitable for the client's cultural background. Using a trauma-informed foundation in all services ensures a holistic approach in abuse prevention.

Using a Social and Behavior Change (SBC) process, we tackle systemic problems by implementing holistic solutions that foster prevention-oriented communities. Our approach involves utilizing the latest research, award-winning training, and a consultative process to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes. Ongoing evaluations allow for  effective outcomes No two journeys are ever the same, but the outcome is; a safer world for children.

Research + Policy + Implementation = Results

  • Policy Development
    Our team specializes in developing comprehensive and effective policies tailored to the unique needs of youth-serving organizations. We work closely with you to create policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of the children you serve.
  • Risk Assessments and Screening Support
    Our risk assessments are designed specifically for youth-serving and vulnerable adult populations and help identify potential vulnerabilities and areas of concern within your organization. We conduct thorough evaluations of your operations, procedures, and physical environment to ensure that risks are identified and addressed proactively.
  • Crisis Management Planning
    Being prepared for potential crises is crucial in safeguarding children. Our team assists you in developing comprehensive crisis management plans, including protocols for emergencies, incident response, and communication strategies to mitigate risks and ensure a swift and effective response.
  • Training and Education
    We offer a range of training programs and educational resources to equip your staff and volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to create a safe and nurturing environment for children. Our training covers topics such as child protection, abuse prevention, and recognizing signs of potential harm.
  • Consultation and Advisory Services
    We offer personalized consultation and advisory services, providing guidance on best practices, emerging trends, and strategies for continuous improvement in child safeguarding. Our experts are available to address your specific concerns and provide solutions tailored to your organization's needs.
  • Interim Management Services
    Our team provides temporary leadership and management solutions during periods of transition, such as executive vacancies, organizational restructuring, or significant operational challenges. These services offer experienced professionals who step into key leadership roles on an interim basis, ensuring continuity, stability, and effective management within the organization during times of a vacancy and assist in the recruitment and screening of the permanent hire.


The organization receives up to 3 months of personalized support with a goal of providing policy and procedure development support 


The organization receives up to 6 months of personalized support with a goal of providing a thorough analysis and action plan to the organization.


The organization receives up to 9 months of personalized support to comprehensively address the individual and institutional factors that enhance child protection.


The organization receives up to 12 months of personalized support and onsite visitation to verify programs, policies, and practices reflect a culture of child protection.

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Trauma-Informed and Culturally Sensitive 

As advocates of a Trauma-Informed and Culturally Sensitive Social Behavior Change approach, are committed to preventing child abuse by honoring individuals' and communities' unique experiences and backgrounds. We acknowledge the profound impact of trauma and the importance of cultural diversity in our interventions. Our approach is centered on creating safe and inclusive spaces where individuals feel heard, validated, and supported. By integrating trauma-informed practices with cultural sensitivity, we strive to address the underlying causes of child abuse while fostering healing, resilience, and positive social change. We recognize the significance of cultural context and tailor our interventions to meet the specific needs of individuals and communities, ensuring a more inclusive and impactful prevention strategy.

Our Partners in Social Behavior Change:

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